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About the Authority

Since it was established the Jerusalem Development Authority has accumulated much experience in promoting public projects in the capital and it serves today as the leading body in the planning and development of the city. The Jerusalem Development Authority acts as the body which generates, encourages and promotes the development of the city to increase its beauty and strengthen its economy. 

Through its actions the Authority creates interfaces with other bodies, coordinates projects between the public and private sectors and creates conditions which the private sector needs for its developmen
Today, Jerusalem stands at a significant turning point in the scope of its development and building; establishing new enterprises, commercial ventures and cultural and artistic projects, bettering the quality of life and raising the standards in higher education. All of this within the context of long term investments and planning in cooperation with the government of Israel and of the Jerusalem municipality. The signs of progress are beginning to spring up all around such as the development of the area around the Old City, the establishment of parks, the renewal of the city center as well as in the fields of tourism, design, cinema and television.

EYAL HAIMOVSKY, CEO, Jerusalem Development Authority
The Jerusalem Development Authority 
The Jerusalem Development Authority is a statutory corporation which was established by law in 1988. Its functions are to promote, plan and encourage the economic development of Jerusalem; to coordinate between government offices, authorities and bodies involved in the development of Jerusalem; to advise and supply information connected to entrepreneurial initiatives, plans and commercial ventures in Jerusalem.
The Jerusalem Development Authority's Mission
The Jerusalem Development Authority acts to promote Jerusalem as an international city, a leader in commerce and the quality of life in the public domain. The Authority is a body which promotes and generates plans for the development of the city aiming to make significant changes with an emphasis on a business concept, on professionalism and on creativity.
Challenges and Successes
In the past two decades the Jerusalem Development Authority has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, who have contributed greatly to the quality of life in the city and turned Jerusalem into an international center for innovation, excellence and a source of pride to its residents. The Authority invests many resources in strengthening the human capital, which is Jerusalem's main resource, by upgrading and developing the physical and technological infrastructure of the city. The goal is to improve the quality of life of its citizens, to encourage the best people to move to the city and to promote commercial ventures. The government of Israel approved a long term investment plan. The plan includes the establishment and upgrading of infrastructures and the development of economic and employment opportunities in which Jerusalem has competitive advantages; and to create innovative environments with the aim of providing the entrepreneurs in the city with a unique "tool box."

City Planning
Planning is the first tool for carrying out projects which lead to economic development. The Jerusalem Development Authority leads in planning for the Jerusalem municipality, the Israel Land Administration and other bodies in the areas of employment, housing and unique projects which have a municipal impact.

Government Decisions:

bul5_4 Rate strengthening of Jerusalem 
bul5_4 החלטת ממשלה מספר 4090 מיום 9.8.05 - פיתוח מרחב אגן העיר העתיקה והר הזיתים
bul5_4 החלטת ממשלה מספר 3238 מיום 29.5.11 - תכנית מרום
bul5_4 החלטת ממשלה מספר 4651 מיום 20.05.12 - חיזוק ופתוח המרחב הציבורי-תיירותי בירושלים


About the Authority
About the Authority
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